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Micro-Messages & You
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Micro-messages are those small but powerful messages you convey each day - sometimes without even saying a word!

The small messages relayed through your body language, the tone of your voice, and your proximity to a person that can have a BIG impact on how your message is received.

Did you know that MIT researchers found that people send an average of 40 - 80 micro-messages in a 10 minute conversation!

With so many occurring subconsciously in your everyday business, it is vital that we acknowledge how integral micro-messages may be in our daily interactions. These micro-messages can either support and strengthen your original communication's intent or, if not monitored and controlled - may actually undermine and have an adverse, negative impact.

Through this powerful e-learning program, we are going to explore how each of us can help:
  • Recognize, appreciate and utilize the differences in communication techniques between yourself and coworkers from diverse backgrounds
  • Align your messages intention with the impact that it may have on others
  • Create an environment of trust, respect, inclusion, and
  • Appreciate the business case for leveraging micro-messages to your advantage
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